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Sibenergomash designs and manufactures high-capacity steam boilers for utilities and industrial power applications, hot-water boilers and waste-heat recovery boilers for gas-turbine plants. Steam boilers for utilities and industrial facilities are available from Sibenergomash in capacities from 50 to 820 tons per hour, while hot-water boilers in 30, 50, 100, and180 Gcal/h capacities.

Sibenergomash has extensive experience burning all types of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Some boilers are furnished with combined burners firing different types of fuels. Sibenergomash has rich experience with the following types of fuels:

  • low-cal, high-moisture brown coal and lignite;
  • decker coal in slag-free operation;
  • high-ash coal with abrasive ash;
  • solid fuel NOx reduction in torch furnaces;
  • solid fuel in stationary and circulating fluidized beds with SOx bending, and suppression of NOx conversion;
  • gas and fuel oil;
  • household garbage and waste wood.

The great demand for boilers with traditional flare combustion and integration of emission-eliminating solutions continues. Sibenergomash with its great experience in the segment of boilers with stationary and circulating fluidized beds serves this call.

Being aware of all trends in power generation, we have focused our efforts in two main directions:

1)      Steam and hot-water boilers for new sites as well as for expansions of existing sites.

2)      Manufacture and retrofit of existing steam and hot-water boilers for technical upgrading

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