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Steam Boilers for Utilities

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Steam boilers for utilities are designed to generate superheated steam. They are operated coupled with a turbine or steam pipe line and supplied to combined heat and power plants, and state district power stations. Sibenergomash manufactures single-drum, vertical-tube boilers with natural circulation and balanced draft (including pressure-fired boilers). We can provide both dry and wet bottom ash handling systems for solid fuel-fired boilers. Heating surface could be arc-shaped, T-shaped or tower-shaped.

There are design projects of steam boilers in capacities up to 500 tons per hour with state-of-the-art technology of solid fuel burning in the circulating fluidized bed. Project design was tested in 450 t/h experimental boiler.

Boilers can be operated with combined-cycle applications and gas-turbine plants in a waste-heat recovery scheme where exhaust gas of gas turbine units serves as oxidizing agent.

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